Following The Lord? (Matthew 10:24–39)

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The following sermon, preached on June 25th, 2017, focuses on how we are supposed to follow Jesus in today’s world. We hear a lot that we’re supposed to be out there doing God’s mission. Preachers will preach and preach and preach until their blue in the face. But then what do we see? People calling themselves Christians and then not living any differently. People calling themselves Christians but then acting worse than people who PROUDLY proclaim they are NOT Christians. Why do we see this happen? Because we are not paying the absolutely vital attention to what the instructions Jesus gives really mean. If we call ourselves Christians we should realize that what Jesus says amounts to a radical commitment to serve Jesus before every other thing— whether that’s our own comfort, our own families, or our own free time where we are too busy entertaining ourselves! to let Jesus be Lord. We are supposed to make Jesus the number one priority above all other priorities.

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